Adam & Eve’s Men’s Body Hair Survey Results

So the results off the Adam & Eve Men’s Body Hair Survey are in! And frankly, I am more than a little surprised! 51.7% of those who were kind enough to take our 8 question survey said they preferred little to no body hair on their men. Only 43.8% like an average to moderately hairy man. And only 4.5% are willing to tolerate the truly hairy gent.

Furthermore, an overwhelming 65.2% say that manscaping of the pubic region is a must. 71.9% say back and shoulder hair is completely unacceptable. 50.6% don’t appreciate a hairy butt. And only 40.2% found men’s treasure trails to be irresistibly sexy. The only place where men’s body hair held its own was on the chest. 48.3% say a moderately hairy chest is nice, while 47.2% said little to no chest hair is preferable.

men's body hair

Clearly our social media body hair survey is far from scientific. It’s not a random sampling of America. But, it is a pretty good indication of what sexually active adults prefer in this modern age. Here’s the complete breakdown of the results.

Overall, how much body hair do you prefer on a man?:
Little to None 51.7%
Moderate/Average 43.8%
Sasquatch 4.5%

Manscaping the pubic region:
Is a Must! 65.2%
Only if a Jungle Down There 28.1%
Just Be Yourself 6.7%

How much chest hair do you like on a man?:
Little to None 47.2%
Moderate/Average 48.3%
The More the Better 4.5%

Stomach Hair with a Treasure Trail Is:
Sexy 40.2%
Shave It Off Now! 25.3%
I Don’t Care Either Way 34.5%

Back and Shoulder Hair Is:
Unacceptable! 71.9%
Perfectly OK 11.2%
Turns Me On 1.1%
I Don’t Care Either Way 15.7%

A Hairy Butt:
Has To Go! 50.6%
Perfectly Normal 29.2%
I Don’t Car Either Way 20.2%

I Am OK With Upper Arm Hair If:
If It Is Not Excessive 69.7%
I Am Not Ok! 30.3%

Armpit Hair:
Should Be Shaved 9.0%
Ok If Not A Bush 62.9%
Sexy 5.6%
I Don’t Care Either Way 22.5%