Basic Instinct Meets Fifty Shades Thanks to Lisa Renee Jones

Not everyone can write erotica. I’ve read quite a bit of it over the years being an editor for a couple of different websites. Some of it is good and a lot of it is, well…let’s say not so engaging. I like the idea of women writing erotica for other women though. But we’ve sort of gotten a bad wrap over the years of being attracted to erotic lit that was pretty low brow.

So when the author Lisa Renee Jones virtually introduced herself to me, I was suspect. I mean I have been approached by authors before to endorse their newest titles and I never found any I wanted to put my name behind. But I soon discovered this chick was legit and better yet we had a nice chemistry going. What I have most appreciated about her is that she cares about how she portrays sex in her books — sexually healthy, robust and compelling. Plus we both realized that there might be ways we could work together and include www.AdamandEve.comin the equation. Quite a three-way, if you ask me.

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Her Inside Out Trilogy is sincerely well written. Deemed as being a cross between Basic Instinct and Fifty Shades, I would have to agree. In If I Were You, Being Me and Revealing Us, Lisa introduces us to Sarah McMillan who made a life changing discovery when she came into contact with journals she found in a storage unit she bought. Lisa takes us further into the story with Rebecca’s Lost Journals — in which I actually appear. I know, crazy huh? I told Lisa she needed to write me a really great sex scene.

Anyway, if you are looking for a good summer (or any time) read, cozy up to these books by Lisa Renee Jones and in the mean time you may see more of the two of us together doing some cross promotion. Also, the STARZ channel has just optioned the Inside Out Trilogy so hopefully we’ll have some tantalizing TV to follow too. You can find out more at

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