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Ok, so I questioned the validity of this reality show initially and I must admit that from the promos, it looked all like beer, beef, football, poker games and complaining about the wives. But I was pleasantly surprised. I jumped into an episode in which Sean (the step-dad) freaks out that his kids can hear him and his girlfriend having sex — something I think most of us are concerned about at one time or another. It doesn’t hurt that I also like that she seems to be the sexual initiator between them.  Of course the scene is taken to extremes, egg crating entire walls of the bedroom and when that was deemed unsuccessful, Sean shows up with an RV at end of the show where he and his girl can get it on in sweet privacy.

The show has the guys characterized as the step dad, veteran dad, single dad and new dad. You can’t miss that the show does seem somewhat scripted but I’m not opposed to that hybrid reality genre if it is done well. I think the show does well by demonstrating all of life’s pitfalls of stay at home dad-hood. It is genuinely funny when they get it right — the baby wrestling segment made me want tinkle in my own pants.

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I’ve read some other reviews that are lackluster but I have to say for what I am looking for in his type of show Modern Dads delivers. The banter is funny and poignant and at times out of character for some of guys. There doesn’t seem be one guy that is pigeon-holed as the “emotional” one. All of them have had their teary or sweet moments. I also find the power differential within each of men’s households fascinating. Of the three that live with wives’/girlfriends, all of the women are the breadwinners. I’ve enjoyed watching the interplay in regards to parents juggling duties, how money issues are handled and of course how all the sex plays out. I would like to see more of the home life of Stone, the single dad played out versus just his interloping into his cohorts scenes. I have a sneaking suspicion that it isn’t all about how much poontang he scores.

My husband and I ended up watching a mini-marathon that first night and most of the content of the show felt like it resonated with us as parents, partners and currently me as the main breadwinner. The humor and dynamic between the guys appealed to us as well, even though my husband would rather go surf and read a book, than play poker or watch football. There was still enough there for us to see ourselves in these dads and relationships as we all try to figure out who are as parents and lovers in these modern times.

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