Russell Brand’s Take on Why People Like Sarah Palin

Russell Brand has a big mouth and that tends to be why people either love him or hate him. I am on the love side of the fence. While I do find him a bit smarmy; his sense of humor, British accent and the fact that he meets my superficial height requirement more than makes up for that. He’s blathering on now about American politics and sex. Two subject areas I’m wont to pay attention to; and granted “he’s not from these parts”, I tend to agree with his assessment that most of the American public’s fascination with Sarah Palin has to do with the fact that they just want to fuck her.

Russell Brand on Sarah Palin

Russell Brand, photographed exclusively for the Observer Magazine last month. Photograph: Phil Fisk

I know I am going to sound like an anti-feminist here – that’s she is a woman in power and that we should not devolve her down to sex. But have you heard some of the shit that has come out of this woman’s mouth?  This posting isn’t long enough for me to recount all of the political, geographic, and grammar errors she’s made along the way. I don’t care how folksy and likeable she is. Come on people, you are telling me that out of all of the truly brilliant, engaging women in the United States,  this was the only one the  Republican party could come up with for their ticket a few years ago? I was personally offended as a woman at the time. But now in hindsight, I just have to agree with Russell Brand.

When discussing the Brand X, his new talk show – Russell specifically said if Sarah Palin ever agreed to appear he’d go “straight to the subtext. People want to fuck her don’t they? That’s why they tolerate the other stuff….OK, that is a mad thing to say about seeing Russia out your window — but the dick don’t lie.”

By George, I think the Brit has got it! Does Sarah Palin amount to nothing more than a woman who is fairly attractive and  has a Pygmalion-way of screwing things up? — I feel and SNL sketch coming on here. Politically, we as a culture have sexually commodified other figures…JFK, Clinton. In fact, you could say the two of them couldn’t help but to sexually commodify themselves, both of their sexual appetites became a part of the story.

Perhaps we should just have a full sexual disclosure ala a Kinsey sexual history questionnaire and the clear the air early on in a political race. I ultimately don’t have a problem with discussing a female political figure and sex because sex is integrated into everyone and everything and to think that just because someone runs for office that they have either lopped their dick off or thrown on a chastity belt is ridiculous. My complaint is why does it take some oily Brit (I love you Russell), to tell us what we should already know about Sarah Palin years later?

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