Sexual Satisfaction Key Factor In Women’s Psychological and Physiological Outlook

According to a team from the Women’s Health program in Australia, lead by Dr. Sonia Davison, Ph.D., women who regularly have orgasms are more energetic and suffer fewer illnesses than females who are left wanting more after sex sessions. 

sexual satisfaction

Conversely, women who self-identify as having sexual dissatisfaction have lower psychological general well-being. These findings reinforce the importance of addressing sexual health and well-being in women as an essential component of their health care.

Dr. Davison and colleagues conducted a study of 421 women aged 18 to 65 years, of whom 349 were included in the analysis to assess the relationship between self-reported sexual satisfaction and well-being. You can read more about the study and the conclusions HERE.

However, women are not in this alone. Men need to be more understanding and in-tune with the importance of sex in relationships. If you want a healthy partner with a positive outlook on life, it is important to make sure she is pleased. I’m willing to bet, a regular sex life gives a lot of positive health benefits to men, too! Be practical! Think of all the money we can save in doctors and psychologists by just having sex with the people we love!

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