The Rise of Bisexuality

As the stigma of same sex relationships and homosexual sexual activity deteriorates, the number of young adults claiming to be bisexual or admitting to encounters of the same sex is on the rise. This number will continue to rise thanks to huge pop and movie stars are coming out of the closet as bisexual. Clive Davis, Tom Hardy, and Frank Ocean have very publicly opened up about their love of both sexes.  Undoubtedly, this will give others the courage to do so, too. A 2010 study shows that 9.3% of teens were willing to admit to bisexual experiences. In 2002, this number was closer to 5%. While this may not be a life-long decision for most, bisexuality is no longer seen as merely the stepping stone to homosexuality.

In the article Is the Future Bisexual, Veronica Pamoukaghlian explains the rise of bisexuality also has a physiological explanation:

“Nobel prize nominee Umberto Veronesi raised some controversy a couple of years ago when he stated that he believed humanity was moving towards a bisexual future. The famous oncologist was not just looking to raise havoc. He actually had some good points to make. For example, he cited the scientific fact that the vitality of male reproductive cells has gone down by 50% since the end of World War II.

Based on evidence about the dissociation between sexuality and reproduction, the endless possibilities of artificial fertilization, and the fact that men and women are producing less and less hormones every day, Veronesi  predicted that, as sexual interaction will lose its mainly reproductive function, bisexuality will become the norm rather than the exception.”

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