Top 11 Signs You’ve Seen Too Many Adult Movies

  1.  You get your best home decorating ideas from adult movie sets.
  2.  You can name at least five movies that used the exact same couch.
  3.  You can identify adult stars by pictures of their genitalia.
  4.  You know how the couch got the monkey shaped stain.

    Adult Movies

    Watching Adult Movies

  5. You fast forward through the sex so you can get to the dialogue and see if the new acting lessons paid off.
  6. You host a viewing party to celebrate Booty Talk 93 coming out, just like you did for the 92 previous titles.
  7.  Your favorite shot game is based on scars from bad boob jobs.
  8. You see nothing wrong with loudly and graphically describing the anal sex movie you watched last night in public restaurants surrounded by families.
  9.  You’re genuinely surprised when the pizza delivery girl slaps you, threatens to call the cops for indecent exposure and demands you pay with cash instead of your sausage.
  10. You can tell to the ounce how much silicone is in a girl’s boob job.
  11. Your favorites playlist is filled with the music soundtracks from your favorite pornos.