Tumblr’s True Sex Stories

Would you ever divulge your deepest, darkest sexual secrets on the internet? Well, many women are thanks to Tumblr’s dotellstories that anyone can follow. It was derived out of the  documentary Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk about Sex. Throughout November 2013, they invited you to submit your own stories about sexuality: Your sexual history, beliefs, experiences, confusions, turning points. They say you can, “Read new stories, search by topic, or click below to check out a random entry!”Tumblr's True Sex StoriesThe opportunity to share these stories is so important for all of us to bear witness and learn from one another’s sexual lives. We are bombarded everyday with images and information that are inaccurate or unrealistic. This is a way to reconnect to what is real and authentic in our sexual lives. Whether it is from 23 year old M.E.’s story about how she very often prefers the ease of self pleasure to partnered sex; or stories of what it means to be non-violently raped or having one’s first sexual awakening. These are all stories many of us have lived through and now can become empowered by on a whole new level.

 is the resident sexologist at Adam & Eve and also runs a private practice and media consulting business. She has a Doctorate from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Her professional affiliations include AASECT, SSSS, and the American Board of Sexologists. She also has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and completed a postgraduate degree in Marriage, Family and Addictions Recovery Therapy.

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