Would You Get A G-Shot?

The hottest topic these days is definitely the g-spot.  What was once considered a tiny mythical part of the female anatomy, a little like an orgasmic Atlantis, is now all everyone can talk about.  Yes, the g-spot is real, but so what?  What now? 

Thanks to modern science you can now get a procedure to slightly enlarge the g-spot. The procedure is called the “G-Shot” and it costs a ridiculous $1000.

Apparently it’s painless and lasts for about 4 months until you need another shot. And women are flocking to get the procedure done. But does it work?

Women are reporting that they are having multiple orgasms that can last for hours, but some women are reporting no changes at all. Doctors and scientist say the procedure might not work for all women. Only some women can have more sensitivity in the g-spot.

Some doctors are going so far as saying that the procedure is pointless, because it is purely a cosmetic alteration that puts unnecessary pressure on women to be more perfect. In truth, most women can’t have a purely vaginal orgasm and have to have to some sort of clitoral stimulation as well.

While having any kind of procedure done to a vagina to increase sexual pleasure seems a little over board – we shouldn’t be judging those that don’t think so. Maybe some women feel this is their only option in pleasuring themselves and making their husbands feel more like men. $1000 dollars and 4 months of an enlarged g-spot – I’d rather buy a bunch of toys and have mind-blowing orgasm for years to come, but that’s just me.

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