Your Guide To Exploring the World of Vibrating Panties

Most people hear about vibrating panties and immediately say, “No, thank you!” It’s a reasonable response – why would you want your panties to vibrate? Well, that’s what you would think – until you actually tried vibrating panties. What you will find is that vibrating panties are actually some of the most fun erotic toys on the market. Not only are they great for masturbation – they are also the ideal date-night, foreplay tool. In fact, if you want to have an amazing night with your partner, you should probably drop everything and expedite some vibrating panties to your door. Here are three vibrating panties that will start you off right with this erotic vibrating adventure.

1.  Little Black Thong. This Little Black Thong is a great place to start when you experimenting with vibrating panties. Not only does this thong look like just another pair of sexy panties – it also comes with a number of goodies. For one thing, there is the vibrating bullet, which fits snugly in a pocket in the panties, so that it maximizes clitoral stimulation. Plus, the remote is wireless, so you can be teased and titillated from up to 19 feet away. I recommend wearing these panties at a club or a party and handing your lover the remote. It will make the whole night so much more fun and naughty. Your Guide To Exploring the World of Vibrating Panties 2. Panty Vibe Boy Short. Another great place to start is with the Panty Vibe Boy Short, which is different look than the typical thong. Again, these vibrating panties are unassuming. You would never know that there was a little bullet vibrator inside these panties. You would also never know that the vibrator has up to 7 vibration settings. Because these panties don’t come with a remote, I recommend using them for some solo fun. Because it has so many vibration settings, it is the perfect erotic tool to cool you down after a long day or work. Of course, you can also use these vibrating panties during foreplay too – there is no one stopping you.

 3. Hanky Spank Me Vibrating Panties. If you want something with no frills – something really simple – I recommend the Hanky Spank Me Vibrating Panties. These panties look sexy as hell, but you only get one vibration setting and you don’t get a remote. I recommend these panties if you are just trying out the whole vibrating panty thing. Of course, you won’t get a lot of pulsations and waves, but you will get one hell of an orgasm. When you are ready, you can move up to something a little more complex – something with a remote.

In the end, vibrating panties offer a totally unique masturbatory or foreplay experience. Unlike other sex toys, vibrating panties can be worn in public, which means that you can get things started in the bedroom when you are paying your check at the restaurant. If you are adventurous, a pair of sexy vibrating panties will unlock that wild side and allow you to get truly naughty. If you haven’t been able to unlock that wild side, vibrating panties may just be the secret.