How To Be Virgin Tight Again

While you can’t go back in time to get your virginity back, there are a few exercises and methods you can use to make your vagina virgin tight again. A tighter vagina is not only more pleasurable for a man, but it can also be more pleasurable for a woman too, and it can increase the intensity of her orgasms. While taking a month or so off sex will definitely make you slightly tighter, it won’t even come close to having any significant results. Plus, why would you want to take time off sex, right? Here are some ways to be virgin tight again.

One of the only ways to make your vagina tighter – and the most effective way – is to practice exercising your kegel muscles. Your kegel muscles are the muscles you use when you are trying to hold in your pee – all women have been there before. The kegels are located on the pelvic floor. Not only can exercising these muscles make your vagina tighter, but they can also support your uterus and give you more mind-blowing orgasms. The key, though, is to find these muscles first.

Once your do find these muscles you can begin your exercise. One of the best ways to find the pelvic muscles is to urinate and if you can manually stop the stream you have effectively found them. Next, lie on the floor and get comfortable. What you want to do is contract these muscles and hold for ten-second increments before releasing. To make this method more effective, be sure to only focus on flexing the kegels and not the butt or abdominal muscles. If you do about three sets of ten repetitions daily, in a few months you will notice an amazingly tighter vagina.If you really want to make your vagina tighter than a virgin’s, you can purchase a special kit. For instance, the Like A Virgin Kit is incredible because it comes with a pair of Ben Wa balls, which are two metal balls that are inserted into the vagina and can be used as weights while you are flexing your kegel muscles. You can think of it like taking your vagina to the gym. This kit also comes with a special gel that will increase the stimulation and an instructional booklet that will tell you all about how to use these magical kegel balls.

Lastly, if you are trying to tighten your vagina, be sure to stay away from untested medicinal supplements – these can do more harm than good. Also, for you ladies with an extra-large boyfriend – it isn’t his fault that you aren’t as tight as you used to be. Some loosening is natural with age. However, if you stay diligent with your kegel exercise and use some Ben Wa balls on occasion, it will keep your vagina tight and healthy. Best of all, no one will be able to tell you are doing these exercises, so you can do them anywhere – even in the middle of an important business meeting. Nothing wrong with a little multitasking.