4 Sex Toys Not For The Faint of Heart

No one likes to be a wimp, especially in the bedroom. However, there are some sex toys that you might make you want to take a deep breath before trying out. You might also want a good amount of experience too. However, some extreme sex toys might even be able to jumpstart an otherwise dull sex life. And sometimes when the engine is really dead, you need a really strong jolt to get things back on track. So, take a deep breath, hold it, and exhale – this is about to get intense. Here are four sex toys that are not for the faint of heart.

 1. The X5 Hard On Realistic Dildo. This extremely realistic dildo comes in two delicious colors – one in white and one in chocolate. However the best part about this dildo is its amazing ability to please with up to six insertable inches – there is a total of nine to play with. You also have a whopping two-inch girth and four inch balls – need I say more?

 2. X-Large Ben Wa Balls. If you don’t know about the ancient Chinese secret of Ben Wa balls, you should. However, these aren’t your average Ben Wa Balls – these are super Ben Wa Balls. These magic balls are great for a number of reasons, but mainly because with enough use, you can actually make your vagina tighter – this is because they have the unique power to strengthen your kegel muscles. However, Ben Wa balls are also great to stimulate the g-spot too – so they make a great masturbation companion.4 Sex Toys Not For The Faint of Heart

 3. Falcon Manrammer. This is one of the most fun tools to use if you are looking for a little adventure in the bedroom. Just make sure, though, that you have plenty of lube because you are in for a serious ride. This manrammer has up to nine inches to play with and a handle you can use to do the ramming, which makes it a great tool to practice anal play. Just bend your man over, insert, and watch him explode. It is also fun for vaginal play too.

 4. The Realistic 9″ Big Boy Dildo with Balls. This is another great sex toy for the expert or advanced user. It is also another great realistic dildo, but this one has a much wider and thicker shaft. Almost two and a half inches around, this massive dong is fun for that woman, or man, that likes it big – really big. It also has a suction cup so that you can play with some hands free action.

Well, there you have it. You can think of these sex toys as the ‘black belt’ of erotic toys. Yet, you don’t need to be totally experienced to enjoy these toys. All you need is a sense of erotic adventure. Because sex – more than anything – should be fun, really fun.

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