5 Crazy and True Orgasm Triggers You Didn’t Know About

Maybe you have found a few ways to reach climax that were a little out of the ordinary, but chances are that it doesn’t even come close to the way that some people have reached the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. The orgasm is already a mysterious bodily response. Only a few other animals have been known to experience the magic O, but it seems that for humans, orgasms can be as involuntary or common as a yawn or sneeze – sometimes something as simple as a yawn can cause an orgasm. Here are 5 crazy and true orgasm triggers you probably didn’t know about.

Exercise orgasm. According to a new study, a huge percentage of women actually experience what they are calling a ‘coregasm,’ which is an orgasm induced by physical exercise. Whether they are at the gym or working the elliptical machine at home, these women actually have a strong orgasm whenever they work out. I guess that’s one way of knowing your workout is done.

Yawning. Yup – some women have reported having the Big O from yawning. Researchers are a little stumped on this one, but they suspect that it is a side effect of something. Perhaps it’s just a genetic fluke or maybe it’s a side effect – could you imagine yawning and knowing that you are about to climax?

Foot orgasm. Foot fetishists unite, because this orgasm trigger might give you, well, an orgasm. Some women report that the simple touch of a man’s hands on their feet can give them an enormous orgasm. No one really knows how this happens or if it is just a myth, but maybe you should have him rub your feet tonight to find out if this is possible.  Crazy and True Orgasm Triggers Permanent sexual arousal. This isn’t a very funny one, because it is a real disorder that causes women to have multiple orgasms a day – without much of a trigger. It’s a little bit like hiccups, but instead of hiccups it’s endless orgasms – sometimes up to 70 in a day. A spoonful of sugar probably won’t cure it.

Horseback riding. Okay, a few women can probably understand this one. It might be embarrassing, and a little weird, but you are up there on the saddle, bouncing around – what do you expect is going to happen? Yet, some women can’t even go horseback riding because of this unfortunate byproduct. However, it might even give you a few ideas of what you can do in the bedroom. Maybe a little pony play?

At the end of the day, women reach orgasm in a myriad of ways. All guys have is nocturnal emissions and premature ejaculation, which doesn’t seem anywhere near as fun as getting off when you yawn or have someone rub your feet. It also begs the question: how many other ways can you get off?