5 Fun Sex Acts That Are Way Better In Your Mind

When it comes to sex, there are always ways you can amp up the erotic factor. For instance, you can include sex toys, swings and a whole bunch of other fun activities, like role play and bondage. These are all fun things to include in the bedroom, but there is a list of sex acts that are actually way more fun to talk about than they are in reality. Take for instance having sex in a car or sex in front of the mirror – both much more fun in your fantasy than in reality. Here are five fun sex acts that are way better in your mind.

1. Having sex in front of a mirror. Okay, we all hear about that guy with a mirror on his ceiling, but is it really that sexy to watch yourself having sex? It may be hot at first, but after a few minutes, you may start to get distracted – you’ll be thinking about your body, the way your hair looks – all bad things to think about while you are getting it on.

2. Sex in a car. This is great in theory, but have you seen today’s cars? Today’s cars are tiny – some are more uncomfortable than having sex in an airplane bathroom. Of course, in the old days, cars were much larger and more luxurious. They had big backseats with plush leather. Now, though, cars have gross fabric and you can barely fit two people comfortably.

3. Road head. Okay, road head has to be one of the most dangerous and reckless sex acts there is. It can be incredibly hard to drive around with someone in your lap – plus, it can be hard to concentrate – which makes it a really dangerous driving situation. Not to mention, the person giving the road head has to deal with banging their chest on the emergency break the whole time – not fun.5 Fun Sex Acts That Are Way Better In Your Mind4. Chocolate sauce. Yes, it may sexy to lick chocolate sauce all over each other, but it almost always turns into a giant mess. Then you start to look like you just shoved a giant melted chocolate bar down your throat. Not only can this be uncomfortable and stick, but it can also ruin the mood.

5. Having sex on the beach. Having sex on the beach is, in theory, fun, but if you think about it – what about all that sand? Even if you have a towel laid down, you will still get sand everywhere. And when it comes down to it, there are some places where you definitely don’t want any sand.

At the end of the day, there are probably a lot of other fantasies people want to live out that should remain fantasies. Sometimes having a bad fantasy can be worse than not having the fantasy at all. So, the next time he asks for road head – be sure to tell him that you would rather have sex in a real bed, or at least somewhere a little more comfortable.

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