5 Sex and Dating Myths Debunked

How many times do you go on a date with a guy or a girl and all your friends give you a bunch of advice the next day? Do this….don’t do that…be sure to do this and never do that. There is a lot of information out there – a lot of advice about sex and dating, but how much of that is hocus-pocus? How much of what people tell you are wrong? How many times are you going to take some piece of unverified advice, use it, and then make a complete fool of yourself? Here are 5 sex and dating myths debunked.

  1. Don’t bump uglies on the first date. In most studies, doing the deed on the first date doesn’t affect many relationships. In fact, it can even make your relationship stronger, especially if it’s just always felt right. Sex is normal and natural, and you shouldn’t fight the urge if you don’t have to. Just be safe and wear protection.
  2. Beggars can’t be choosers? Who’s a beggar here? Just because we haven’t gotten some in a while doesn’t mean we can’t be picky with who we take home. In fact, we should be super picky – choosing someone to start a relationship with or sleep with can be difficult, especially if you have morals and standards. There’s just no way of getting around that, and sleeping with someone who doesn’t meet those standards will never make anything any easier.5 Sex and Dating Myths Debunked
  3. The woman should never pursue the man. This is a load of steaming bull crap. Some guys prefer to be pursued – it can be fun to twist up social mores. Movies and popular culture have told us that the woman is a desperate hussy if she pursues – she should always wait until he comes to her. Yet, I say if you like someone, let them know – don’t be shy. What do you have to lose?
  4. Never talk about too many personal details on the first date. This is hilarious, because what else is there to talk about? While you might not want to divulge some information – you can certainly talk about some personal stuff, like your family and personal background – where you went to school and how you fell into your career. A little personal info is fun and interesting.
  5. Don’t date outside your league. This is just plain wrong. Beauty really is only skin deep when you really look at the truth of the matter. If you have fun with someone and they understand you, that’s all that matters. Where else are you going to find someone who understands your weird sense of humor? Where else are you going to find someone who is into the same odd things as you? If you find this, take it – life is too short not to.

This just goes to show you – a lot of people are wrong when they give you advice. The best thing you can do is go with your best judgment – it will usually lead you down the right path. Sex and romance is a personal venture – not something dictated by popular culture. So, do what makes you feel good and safe.

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