5 Surefire Ways To Kill A Man’s Erection

Sexual dysfunction in men is quite common. This might be a lack of stamina, libido, or premature ejaculation, but the most common – out of all the sexual dysfunctions – is definitely erectile dysfunction. This is mainly because it is the most embarrassing. All men want a firm, hard erection to do the job they were put on earth to do – and no man wants his lady to pull off his pants only to find a limp dick with no sign of life. However, even in perfectly healthy men there are a number of ways to kill an erection – ladies if you don’t want to be an erection killer, please pay very close attention. Here are 5 surefire ways to kill a man’s erection.

  •  Performance anxiety. If your man is experiencing erectile dysfunction or if he is having trouble getting it up, don’t push him, let it happen naturally. The more you pressure him and stress him out, the worse the problem will get. All you can really do is keep teasing him and being as sensual or loving as possible – wearing some sexy lingerie would help too.5 Surefire Ways To Kill A Man’s Erection
  • Put some lotion on it. One other problem might not be her fault, but just a problem of some dry skin. Doctors say that ashy or dry skin on the penis can tell the brain that an erection is probably not a good idea, because it will be painful when it stretches out. There are a number of causes for the dryness, but the number one way to cure it is to put lotion on it, which isn’t so bad if you think about it.
  • No tears please. One of the biggest erection killers is when a woman cries. Anytime you have an emotional breakdown you are basically killing his sex drive. The next time you get into a fight you might not be able to have the amazing make up sex you were hoping to have if you bring on the waterworks. Also, if you are on a date, it might be wise to go with a comedy and not a tearjerker, especially if you want to jerk something else.
  • Jealousy. Another way to kill his erection is to act jealous. For some reason, this sparks some kind of ancient, primordial signal in his brain that you aren’t attractive. The moment you even suggest that he is limited in his options of sexual partners, is the moment that ancient instinctual part of his brain will turn on. It is basically the same way animals just know how to hunt with no training. He might not be thinking of sleeping with other women consciously, but even if he is – so what? Is it worth not getting laid?
  • Too much make-up. That’s right, a new study just came out that said women with an over abundance of make-up on their faces and even product in their hair can cause a man to not be able to get it up. So the next time you are getting ready to go out for the night, be sure to tone it down on the foundation, mascara and even hair product. More natural is always better and more attractive to a man.

In conclusion, if you are noticing that you or your man is having erectile dysfunction, there are a number of solutions. Maybe you need to spice it up in the bedroom or try a new sexual position. Sex swings and slings can offer a completely unique way to mix it up in the bedroom. You can also try a cock ring, which slightly restricts blood flow to the cock to keep him harder for longer. Whatever you do, keep in mind that even the slightest thing could kill his erection, but the solution is always simpler than you think.

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