6 Aphrodisiacs Probably Sitting On Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

It’s almost time to gather around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. But did you know that many of the foods in the traditional Thanksgiving meal are actually aphrodisiacs?

Thanksgiving aphrodisiac

Some of these foods go back millennia as ways to get you and your lover in the mood. While we can’t promise that these foods are going to make the post-feast afternoon an exciting one, it may explain why Grandma suddenly excused herself from the table a bit earlier than usual!

Turkey: This special bird helps us get into the mood on two different fronts – the amino acids in the meat help your body produce the feel-good hormone Serotonin. It also provides you with proteins that help build up stamina.

Cranberries: Getting your blood to circulate in the right areas is a pretty important aspect of sexual satisfaction. The vitamin A in cranberries aids your circulatory system. In addition the vitamin C that you also get in cranberries also help your sex glands do their job more efficiently.

Pumpkin: There’s so much to this humble vegetable that makes it one of the ultimate Thanksgiving aphrodisiacs. First, the whole ‘melon’ thing just reminds men of a certain area of a woman’s upper body. The zinc in the flesh helps your blood circulate more effectively. Pumpkin seeds contain tryptophan which help you keep your moods in check. In addition, the spices that are used to make everyone’s favorite pumpkin pie have a scent that turns men on!

Celery: A key ingredient in a lot of stuffing recipes, celery acts as an aphrodisiac as it contains androsterone, which is a hormone secreted by men in order to attract women.

Nuts: Have a bowl of nuts that everyone chomps on throughout the day? Or maybe you add a few to your stuffing recipe? Native Americans went by the notion that pine nuts help the libido. Ginko nuts help improve circulation. Walnuts were used by the Romans to improve their fertility.

Nutmeg: A lot of Thankgiving foods contain nutmeg in their ingredients list. This spice can help increase your body temperature or sweeten your breathe. But be careful – overdoing the nutmeg on a large scale can lead to hallucinations!