Interchangeable Crop Top System – Act Out Your Spanking Fantasy

After my wife read ‘that novel’ that everyone is talking about, she let me know that she wanted to spice things up in our relationship. We got to browsing on the internet for beginner S&M tools, and I couldn’t believe the prices that some were asking for a simple spanking toy. I certainly wasn’t ready to sink three figures into a whip when we didn’t even know if she’d enjoy it. So when we came across the Interchangeable Crop Top System for a somewhat reasonable price, we decided to scoop it up.

I wasn’t happy at all when I was looking around and seeing that all these toys were so expensive. Beginners like me need to have a bit of variety when it comes to exploring a new fetish. What I liked about this system is that in a way, we were getting three different crops for less than $50. With a single handle, you get three different tops – the standard folded leather crop top, a heart shaped top and a hand shaped top. Each had their own thickness, so we were able to find out which style worked best for us. My wife also liked looking in the mirror after each spanking to see the various shapes of the red marks it left on her ass after she had a few whacks.

My only complaint about the Interchangeable Crop Top System is that the three crops included were all pretty much the same size, and were all quite small. On the back of the box, you can see the other separately sold tops that can fit on the handle. While there is a good variety in size and style overall, the three included in the box were a bit too similar for my liking. It would have been nice to change up the style a bit.

But at the end of the day, the main reason we got this interchangeable crop was to see if my wife would be into getting spanked with one. After a long and grueling process (said very sarcastically, mind you) we’ve decided that she’s very much into it. So I now feel more comfortable spending a bit more on spanking toys to keep the little woman smiling.