Help! Ive Sunburned My Vagina!

So you’ve had your adventures out in the sun, maybe at a nudist beach or in your own back yard. Maybe you spent a few too minutes on the sunbed in your last tanning session. The problem is now, you’ve got a quite the sunburn – down there! How do you help heal a sunburned vagina? How do you protect your labia from future burns? There are a few steps you can take to relieve your pain.

If you’ve already done the deed and now you are suffering from the after effects of sunburn on your girly parts, there are a couple of things you can do to relieve the pain. If you can, go commando under a skirt or loose fitting clothing. Tight panties will only keep the heat from the burn in, and aggravate your sensitive skin. If you can’t go sans underwear, this may be a time to break out those looser granny panties or borrow your boyfriend’s boxer-briefs. Keep away from scratchy lace underwear of materials that don’t let your skin ‘breathe’.

The skin itself can be treated with aloe, but be sure that it doesn’t contain any pain-relieving ingredients like lidocaine as this isn’t the best for your vaginal health. Keep away from lotions and lubes until your skin heals as this can make things worse. For alternative immediate relieve, a facecloth soaked in cool water and placed over the area can bring some relief. Sitting in a cool bath will also help bring down the temperatures, and can help other areas of the body as well. You can also apply witch hazel to the area for some pain and itching relief.sunburnedWant to prevent a sunburned pubic area? While there is some controversy over the effectiveness of lotions with SPF 30 or higher, many people who frequent nudists beaches stock up on the “baby” suntan lotions with higher SPF levels to cover their sensitive sections. This is great not only for the labia, but for the nipples and a man’s penis as well. If you’re not planning on walking around in the buff, but don’t want peeking tan lines under your bikini, wear a g-string while going for your tanning bed sessions. This bare-there style underwear will not only give you maximum skin exposure while building up your base tan, it’ll also keep those important bits covered to prevent any burns.