Finding The Right Anal Beads For You

While most lovers looking into anal toys for the first time tend to stick with plugs and dildos, there is a small little corner of the butt toy world that is slowly becoming more and more popular – the anal beads. Looking at these toys for the first time can sometimes leave you overwhelmed, so we’ve decided to put together a guide for anal bead newbies on which version of this toe curling toy will work best for you!

At their most basic, anal beads are a collection of spheres that are connected in some manner. The idea is to slowly insert each sphere individually into your anus, then removing them at the point of orgasm. Some anal beads use similarly sized spheres, while others use those that gradually increase in size as you move “up” the string. Anal beads tend to fall into three categories that we can explore further – independent beads, molded beads, and wands.

Independent beads are the most “advanced” out of the three choices. In each string of anal beads, each sphere is “independent” (or separate) from their neighboring beads. They are generally connected with a reinforced cord that will remain intact when removing the beads at a quick speed. Some anal beads like the P3 Power Balls have the additional benefit of vibration – but, as a whole, anal beads tend to be stationary.anal beadsMolded beads are actually one single unit generally made from plastic. Rather than independent beads connected by a cord, the plastic is molded so that it appears that there are separated beads. Most molded anal beads, like the Sassy Anal Beads, tend to be around a foot long with anywhere from six to ten inches of that insertable. Beads are typically molded in increasingly larger diameters and have a molded loop at the end for easy removal. This type of anal bead is perfect for the beginner as they are easy to use, easy to clean up, and tend to be safe no matter what kind of lubricant you use.

The last style of anal beads can be pictured more like a bumpy probe rather than a string of beads. Anal wands like the Silicone Flexi-Power Rod Anal Vibrator have an extension that has the bulbous nature of a set of anal beads, but have spheres that are much more connected in form. While many anal beaded wands vibrate, others like the Fifty Shades of Grey Anal Beads don’t. This style of toy is a good middle ground when it comes to anal beads, but some butt play aficionados don’t count them as true beads.

Whichever style of anal bead you choose, be sure to check out any instructions or information included with the toy. Many anal lubricants are silicone based. Ironically, many anal toys are also made from silicone which makes a difficult combination. Remember – silicone lubes and silicone toys don’t mix!