Make The Most Of Your Nipples

With so much sex toy concentrating on ‘down below’ the nipples often get left out! For a lot of ladies – and men – the nipples are an erogenous zone to explore. There are a couple of styles of nipple toys on the market, each with their own distinctive pleasure style. Let’s explore some nipple play fun and find the right kind of toy for you!

The first and most popular style of nipple toy is the clamp. Using pressure – usually from a screw you turn like in the Feathered Nipple Clamps or from a tightening belt like the Fifty Shades of Grey Adjustable Nipple Clamps – nipple clamps press against the sides of your nipple, creating a combination of pain and pleasure that some absolutely love. While you may find the urge to use standard wooden clothes pins for this type of activity, we don’t suggest using them for your first nipple play experienced as the pressure is not adjustable. Once you’ve established how much pain you can take, though, clothes pins and other spring loaded clamps can be introduced into your nipple play regime.nipple clampsThe other style of nipple toy is much more popular without those who don’t want to involve any pain – the nipple sucker. This style of nip toy breaks down into two parts – those nipple suckers that are a singular bulb, like the Mini Nipple Suckers, and those that are a bulb attached to a small piece of tubing, like the Nipple Erector Set. Rather than relying on pressure to add stimulation, the suction created by the bulb attaches to the nipples. This draws an increased amount of blood into the nipple, making it more sensitive to touch. It also helps perk the nipple up, making it easier to access. This style of toy is great for beginners as they don’t add that level of pain that nipple clamps can bring, and they are easily adjustable with the pressure.

If you’ve already tried both of these variations on the nipple toy, there are other toys that add and additional layer to the pleasure game. Weighted clamps like the Fetish Fantasy Heavyweight Nipple Clamps pull at the already attached nipple clips which enhances the pain and pleasure experience. If you love to have your nippled pulled, weighted nipple clamps are for you! Other nipple clamps come with vibrations, electrical stimulations, even tongue-like appendages that flick your nipple while wearing it.

Don’t think that just the ladies will love this style of sex toy. Guys can get off using nipple clamps as well. Some sets like the Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Cock Ring With Nipple Clamps come with parts that will stimulate your penis as well as your nipples. So no matter your sex or sensation level, almost everyone can enjoy nipple stimulating sex toys!