Super Hero Sex Toys – Yes Real Ones!

If you’re on the internet (and if you’re reading this…then we dare say you are), you may have come across the viral set of images posted in one social media site depicting the Avenger’s super heros in the form of sex toys. There was even a rumor there for a while that these were actual concept images of toys to come, which later proved to be untrue. Well, Doc Johnson must have got wind of the cries of millions of geeky sexy to lovers around the world as they’ve just released a set of dildos based on this very theme. The Super Hung Heroes takes four classic super hero characters and puts them into dildo form. Are you ready to turn your super hero fantasies into a reality?

The first of the set of four is the Incredible Hunk. This dildo lives up to its parodied namesake with being very much larger than life! This isn’t a small sex toy by any stretch of the imagination. With ten inches of length and 2.5 inches wide, this toy isn’t for ladies or gents who want their dildos on the smaller size. The dildo itself is somewhat phallic shaped with a mushroom style tip and a larger “testicle” base. The texture of the Incredible Hunk is reminiscent of the bulging veins and tendons of the large green mutant himself!

Next in line  in the Super Hung Heroes set is The Caped Cock – also known by its other name, Bruce Wang. This unusual black dildo is uncircumcised, giving you that much more sensation from its uncut skin. But the real squee-worthy feature to this super hero sex toy is the textured bats emblazoned on each side of the dildo. You don’t need any signals in the night to fully understand what this sex toy can do for you!super hero sex toysWanting to add some iron to your sex toy diet? The third toy in this set is Rock Hard Man. With that distinctive gold color and that unmistakable helmet, this straight sided (well, minus the texture) will let you know right away which super hero was in mind when they made this toy. Rock Hard Man is the least expensive out of the four in the set, and also has the most realistic size. For some, this would be the perfect starting point when picking up this limited edition collection.

The last toy to be featured is probably the most obvious out of the four – the Amazing Web Shooter. That red color, those web like textures, and even the slight bend  in the oversized phallus lets you know which web slinging character inspired this design. This dildo is all about the texture. The five inches of insertable length and full testicled base makes it easy to control so you can feel as much – or as little – of this toy as you want.

We had someone jokingly suggest that the larger super hero dildos would make great book ends for your comic book collection. All joking aside – we love that idea!!