When Kinky Toys Look Medieval

I’ve got to admit, when by boyfriend presented me with a necklace sized box the other night, the last thing I thought would be inside would resemble some sort of medieval torture device. With a devilish look in his eyes, I gave him permission to try out his newest toy on me – the Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel. The experience not only gave me some affection for this new found sensation, it also beefed up my brain with a bit of “useless” sex toy information!

First – the history lesson. If you’ve never spied this toy before, it’s a small metal tool with a fist-sized handle, ending with a quarter-sized pinwheel. And I don’t mean those fun little plastic toys you blow in the wind – an actual wheel of pins. From what I’ve learned, Wartenberg Wheels, despite their appearance, actually only go back to around the 1940s. This pinned wheel was used as a medical tool to test the level of skin sensitivity as it’s rolled over the body. Basically, when you start feeling the little pin pricks, doctors were able to quickly determine where any loss of sensation started or ended. But, because of health and safety concerns, it’s not used as much today. Too much worrying about sterilization, I suppose!

So back to my little Wartenberg Wheel story. My mister knew I liked the mix of tickle and pain sensation in our little BDSM sessions. When I opened up this jewelry case to see the red handled stimulation toy looking back at me, I instantly got goose bumps all over me, just imagining how this would feel.  He picked it up and ran it down the inside of my arm. The goose bumps got bigger – and I got a bit more wet! I could see the red line of little dots forming on my skin where the wheel traced it’s path, but it wasn’t painful in the usual sense. Not like getting hit with a paddle or flogger.Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg WheelOver my arms, down my shoulders, across my back and butt – my guy did enjoy outlining my body with his new toy. It ended up being a great way to “warm up” my body for other sessions, where the pain and pleasure got turned up that much more. The only down side to the Fetish Fantasy Wartenberg Wheel is that it’s very much a “beginner’s Wartenberg wheel” – with somewhat blunted tips. It’s more of a remake of the original style, boiled down for newbies. After we got used to this one, we upgraded to something a bit more realistic to the original design with much sharper needles. But if you’re not ready to jump full flesh into this type of toy, it’s a great starter point (both in sharpness and price).