A New Level Of Pegging Explored

My boyfriend had fantasied about it for almost as long as we have been together. Finally, after a few weeks of anal training, we were ready to move onto pegging. While our first strapon dildo worked great, moving onto the Fetish Fantasy Posable Partner Vibrating Strap-On opened us up to pleasures he had never experienced before.

Let’s be honest –the majority of strap on dildos out there are meant to be used on a woman. It’s pretty rare that a strapon set is made with guys in mind. While I wouldn’t say that the Fetish Fantasy Posable Partner Vibrating Strap-On is specifically made for guys, it does have qualities that make this the perfect play toy for pegging. (Say that five times fast!) Rather than a stationary curve that’s really meant for g-spot stimulation the dildo itself is posable, which means you can bent it any which way.

This is not only great for guys who love prostate stimulation (which you do need a toy with a curve to hit), it’s great for ladies who may have a g-spot that isn’t pleased by the standard curve you find in female toys. You can bend the fake penis every which way until you find a position that works best for your lover.A New Level Of Pegging ExploredThe Fetish Fantasy Posable Partner Vibrating Strap-On is also pretty long, as far as dildos go, but not too wide. Be sure the wearer knows the limits of how much their lover can take. The good side to the lifelike dildo is that it does have a somewhat narrower tip than the 1.5 inch wide shaft, so easing the toy in – especially when lubed up – is a lot easier. This came in very handy for my newly anally trained boyfriend.

The down side to this strapon? The straps are very narrow – basically the same materials that your bra straps are made from. It’s much more suited for slower play or a wearer who doesn’t mind holding onto the toy while they’re thrusting. It can be tightened, and fits up to a 42 inch waist. But, if you’re the type who really likes to pound away while wearing a strap on, this may not be your best choice.

We were happy with it though. Not only did the dildo hit all the right spots when it came to my boyfriend, the vibrations were powerful enough that if I pressed the toy up against me while I was penetrating him, I could get off as well! Now that’s what I call dual satisfaction!