Adult Edibles For Your Naughty Trick or Treat

Having an adult costume party and looking for some candy favors? Sure, you could go out and get a few bags of candy at your local grocery store, but what about those trick or treaters who are looking for something a bit more sexy? It’s time to put down the mini candy bars and check out the more adult sweets that will tempt other parts of your body beyond your taste buds!

Candy Ball Gag – For the Halloween kinster who loves and good slap and tickle, the Candy Ball Gag is a great little gift for your spoiled submissive. Unlike your standard rubbed balled mouth piece, this one has a sugary sweet cherry flavored gag that fits perfectly in the mouth. Designed to fit around most sized heads, this little BDSM treat is adjustable enough to be worn over most sized heads, both men and women! Watch your naughty sub drool with anticipation of getting this in their mouth, and continue the mouth torture when it’s firmly attached!

Sex Rocks – Usually candies wrapped in clear plastic are the last things to be eaten around Halloween, but the Sex Rocks gives you another reason to make these your first choice. The unassuming looking treats are actually designed to cool down your mouth before engaging in oral sex. When you place your mouth on your partner’s gentiles, the coolness brings a whole new sensation to the encounter. These are quite strong tasting candies, but your lover won’t mind it one bit!Adult Edibles For Your Naughty Trick or Treat

BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy – Remember those popping candies of our youth? The ones where you ripped open the bag and poured it into your mouth, listening to the crackle sounds and feeling that strange sensation on your tongue? BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy is it’s grown up version that is made to be used during oral sex. Recall that popping and crackling feeling on your mouth – and now imagine it down there! Just try and keep the noise down so you can enjoy that snap crackle and pop sound as you’re going down on your partner.

Comfortably Numb Collection – Looking for a whole set of sweets to hand to your lover this Halloween? The Comfortably Numb Collection features two different candies as well as two other pleasure products that will add another layer of sensation to your oral sex sessions. In addition to the deep throat spray (great for calming a sensitive gag reflex) and a tube of desensitizing anal lube, you’ll get a tin of the Comfortably Numb Oral Sex Mints and a spearmint flavored lollipop! The mints will not only add that fresh sensation to your mouth, it’ll also help relax your gag reflex for those times when deep throating seems nearly impossible.