An Extra Set Of Hands With Guys Nipple Clamps

 If there’s one thing that my girlfriend does that totally send me into trembling orgasm, it’s play with my nipples while going down on me. The problem was always positions, though. She’s a short girl with short arms, so with her mouth lined up in the right place, she wasn’t able to really reach my nips without me having to sit up. We started looking into sex toys that would free up her hands. That’s when we found out about the Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Cock Ring with Nipple Clamps.

See, at first, we were looking into blowjob simulation toys. We quickly realized that you need your hands to use most of them, which didn’t really solve our problem. We started looking at nipple toys, and most of them seemed a bit girly with their black feathers and pink bulbs. A lot of guys nipple toys seemed a bit extreme. I liked the fact that the clamps on this toy were a bit on the powerful side without going too over the top. That, and the cock ring just added to the whole equation!

We’ve had deliveries from Adam and Eve before, so my worry about the neighbors picking up our box “by mistake” and reading the return address wasn’t a problem, since they always ship in discreet packaging. A few days after my girlfriend placed the order, it was at our apartment. I’ve got to admit that I was a bit anxious about using it at first. We’ve always used sex toys on her, but never really for me.

It took a couple of minutes for my body to adjust to the strength of the clamps. They weren’t adjustable, but they weren’t overly painful, either. Once they felt like they were alright, I slipped on the cock ring and pushed the button to get the vibes going! My only complaint about this toy is that there’s no way to isolate the vibrations to just the nipple clamps or just the cock ring. It’s all or nothing! My lady headed down south and was able to pay full attention to my dick while the vibrating nipple rings did their work.An Extra Set Of Hands With Guys Nipple Clamps

The fact that I was super quick to cum pretty much says it all as far as this toy goes. It does get guys who like nipple stim going! I think it’s going to take some time to ‘adjust’ down to my usual duration for when my girlfriend gives me bjs while playing with my nipples, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’ve also tried it out without the cock ring on, and it did help me last longer. I’m pretty pleased with this Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Cock Ring With Nipple Clamps toy – not as scary as I thought it would be!