An Introduction from New Writer Maximilian

Dear readers,

My name is Maximilian and I am the new correspondent here at Adam and Eve.  They’ve brought me on here to talk about one subject I know very well: sex.  Stay tuned for my upcoming articles to learn one very simple thing: to have the best sex you’ve ever had in your entire life. 


On my travels around the world I’ve made love to hundreds of women – from the full-breasted women of the Siberian Wilderness, to the indigenous women of the Peruvian Andes, the beautiful Cuban woman of the Havana Shore, to the women of the high-rises of Manhattan that crown Central Park, to the shy women of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, to the beret covered woman of Paris, to the farm girls of Down Under, and all the way to Japan for a slew of erotic Tokyo nights. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the word ‘please’ in the panting voice of a woman I’d travel to more countries to make love and give pleasure to even more women. In my posts you’ll learn a lot – not just for men, but women too.

I’ll teach you lots of tricks and tips and I’ll also tell you lots of stories that hopefully you can learn from and adopt in your own sex life. Just like you can’t climb the world’s tallest mountains alone – with sex you always need your own personal guide to get you to that magical peak where the Earth and its horizon stretches on for miles and miles and everything seems infinite. And when you’re there at the top I hope you can look out at the magnificent horizon to say thank you. Good sex can be a little like reaching enlightenment.  I’ve had lots of help myself – mostly from different woman of different shapes and sizes, but also doctors, shamans, psychics, monks, priests who all praise that holy orgasm in the sky.

So stay tuned!


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