Anal Beads For Beginners

Anal beads are one of those toys that aren’t very well known, but are absolutely loved by those who have taken the time to discover them. Great for anal beginners due to their size, but still loved by back-door experts, anal beads are a wonderful addition to any sex toy collection. If you’re looking to get the most out of your first time with anal beads – be sure you’ve got the basics covered!

Find the right anal beads for you – The best kind of beginner anal beads have smaller spheres at the bottom, with increasingly larger ones at the top. This style – as found in the Adam & Eve X-10 Anal Beads – allows the user to easily control how much bead width they can handle. Single unit beads (as opposed to the ‘beads on a cord’ style like the P3 Power Balls) are easy to clean and can often be placed in the dishwasher, depending on their materials. You’ll also want one with a loop at the end, making removal very easy.

Get the right kind of lube – Lube is the key to any positive beginner’s anal experience! Anal lubes can sometimes come with desensitizers that help reduce any pain. The down side being they numb the area in general, so you can lose some of the more positive feelings as well. Anal lubes like the System Jo H2O Anal Lubricant are thicker as well as being water based, so they can be used with almost all toys without any worry of material breakdown.Anal Beads For BeginnersSet the scene – Sometimes the biggest hurdle to anal play is all in your head! Get yourself relaxed. Deep breathing helps relax your muscles. If you’re playing with a lover, be sure to communicate your expectations to them – when you want to pull the beads, what sort of pain level you’re willing to cope with, etc. Do you want to use other toys while you’ve got the anal beads inside? Be sure to remove any ‘nagging’ worries in your mind before you start playing.

Pull them at the right moment, and the right way – For some, inserting the beads happens prior to any sexual activity. For others, insertion is part of the sexual play. You’ll want to remove the beads at the point of orgasm. When removing your anal beads, be sure to pull outward and away from your body. Don’t be tempted to pull them up and around towards your stomach. Sometimes it is easier to have your lover remove the beds for you, if you can’t get the angle right. You also want to pull them out gently – your body is not a chainsaw that needs starting!