Anal Douching For Beginners

One of the most common concerns surrounding anal sex is cleanliness. A simple way that many couples work around this is making anal douching – also known as enemas – part of their anal sex routine. Now – understand that this is not something that is required to have anal sex. Many couples choose not to use douching to clean out their cavities before penetration. But, others have learned to enjoy this step as part of the whole foreplay package.

Anal douche sets come in one of two styles, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are better for beginners, some better for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. Some anal douche kits have a slight learning curve while others are ready to use right out of the box. Choosing the best anal cleansing kit for your needs sometimes does require a bit of homework!

The least expensive of the two styles is the ‘bulb system’. Many of the sets, including the A&E EZ Anal Douche will cost you under $20. With this style, you either remove the stem and fill the bulb with warm water, or you compress the bulb while the stem is still on and suction up the water. Using a bit of lube on the tip of the bulb, you insert the stem into your anus. Pressing down on the bulb expels the water. You’ll want to remove the stem while the bulb is still compressed – releasing that pressure will suction water that was just in your anus back into the bulb. Kits like the Carefree Anal Douche come with multiple sized heads for ease of use.Clean Stream Shower Douche

The other style of enema kits is those that use water pressure from another source. Many of these kits, like the Clean Stream Shower Douche, use your existing plumbing and attach right to your bathroom spouts. Others, like the Unisex Shower Douche, use bladders filled with water and raised high in the air, using gravity to help push the flow of water. These are more expensive than your bulb style kits, but you don’t have to worry about the suctioning of dirty water back into the enema kit as there is a continual stream of water outward. The down sides is that you need to control the pressure of the water through an outside source. Using your hand, as you would with a bulb, is much easier. But, if you have the style of taps that lets you dial down right to your favorite level of pressure, you’re in the game!

If you do need to defecate, do this before douching as this will help eliminate the waste that creates the ‘mess’. Some users find that they feel the need to go during the process. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, doing what you need to do, then going back to it once your bowels are empty. Take your time, and if you’re doing this with a partner, be sure to continually communicate throughout the process. With any douching system, you’ll want to either be positioned over the toilet, or at least standing in the bathtub or shower. This will help keep the messes to a minimum and make cleanup that much easier.