Anal Sex Myths Exposed

We are absolutely shocked about the misconceptions that we hear and see about anal sex! This enjoyable sex act has been on the ‘taboo’ list for a long time, but is slowly moving into the ‘mainstream’ world of lovemaking. We’ve gathered a collection of some of the most prolific anal sex myths and busting them for once and for all!

Only gay men / slutty women / virgins have anal sex. There is no ‘only’ when it comes to anal sex – anyone with an anus can – and does – do it! Many men have this misconception that if you are a guy and enjoy being on the receiving end of anal sex, this must mean you are gay. Completely untrue! A man’s body is designed in a way that anal sex can be pleasurable, no matter your orientation. Anal sex isn’t only for ‘sluts’ or ‘virgin’ women, either. No matter how many partners you may have, anal sex is an enjoyable and completely acceptable sex act.Anal Sex Myths Exposed

Anal sex is messy. The anus itself is not what holds fecal matter in your digestive system – it’s further up the line in your intestines. The chances of you getting ‘poo’ on your penis or dildo during anal sex is quite slim. If you’re worried, have a bowel movement, then an enema or anal douche to make the area squeaky clean. (This isn’t necessary, though.) That being said, there are microbes in your rectum that should not be transferred from the anus to the vagina without proper cleaning with antimicrobial soap, or changing condoms.

You don’t need to use protection when you’re having anal sex. Just because you can’t get pregnant from anal sex doesn’t mean you should not be using protection. STDs can just as easily be passed between partners for anal sex as it does for vaginal sex. Some STDs are actually more likely to be passed on during anal sex as there’s a greater risk for tissue irritation during anal play.

Your anus will stretch out and never go back to normal. You might think that as you have more and more anal sex, the fact that it’s becoming easier must be because your anus is getting stretched out. In a way, there is a slight increase in the flexibly of your sphincter muscles but, in actual fact it’s more likely due to your mind and body becoming more relaxed with the act itself. Just like you can’t stretch out a vagina with too much sex, the same goes for the anus.