Aphrodisiacs in Your Chocolate Box

Think that box of chocolates you received for Valentine’s Day is only good for satisfying your sweet tooth? There’s more in that box than sugary goodness – there may be a few aphrodisiacs in there as well! Many common ingredients found in chocolate selection boxes have qualities that can increase your sexual desire and maybe even add to your pleasure during the act. So what should you make sure your lover’s chocolate box has inside?

Chocolate Most folks know that chocolate is famous for its arousal enhancement qualities. Even as far back as the ancient Aztecs, people have been using chocolate as an enhancement in their love lives. A study in 2006 showed that women who had daily doses of chocolate had higher libidos than those who did not. This may be down to the fact that chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which can trigger a feeling of euphoria in the brain as well as tryptophan, a brain chemical involved in the body’s arousal process.Aphrodisiacs in Your Chocolate BoxCherries – Love your chocolate covered cherries? There’s a reason cherry flavor is often found in flavored sexual lubricants. Cherries are thought to help your body in pheromone products – the scents that signal your lover that you’re ready to mate. They’re also packed with potassium, which your body needs for sex hormone production.  Smothered in dark chocolate, they are a great double-team for some steamy nights.

Nuts – Walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and even the lowly peanut have been used for centuries to help lovers get that much more excited in the bedroom. Walnuts in particular contain a number of vitamins and minerals that help with sexual hormone production. They’re especially popular in men with low libido and prostate problems, as the high levels of zinc in the nuts help alleviate those symptoms. Pine nuts have been used going back to the medieval times as a way to boost libido. French author Alexandre Dumas, who write The Count of Monte Cristo, had almond soup every night before meeting up with his mistress.

Coconut – The oils found in coconuts mimic the natural lubrication production of the female body. So much so, that many women use coconut oil on its own as a vaginal moisturizer! While we don’t recommend slathering your chocolate covered coconut treats on your lady parts, a few nibbled before a night in certainly won’t do any harm.

Apricots – Skipping over the apricot creams in your heart shaped box? Don’t! Apricots are such a well-known aphrodisiac that even William Shakespeare included them in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This may be due to the higher levels of ascorbic acid in the fruit, which helps the body activate, invigorate and sustains sex hormones.