Are High End Sex Toys Worth The Cost?

The number of sex toys on the market can sometimes be overwhelming, and the range of prices can cause any lady to question why one vibrator costs five times more as others. Are sex toys on the higher end of the price range worth their additional cost? Does the bigger price tag deliver better quality? Adam and Eve delves into the difference between the cheap and cheerful with the investment pieces by comparing two extremes in rabbit style vibrators.

When deciding on the amount of money to spend on a sex toy, you should be taking several factors into account. How much use do you plan on getting out of it? Do you mind the hassle of replacing batteries? Does the ‘look’ of a toy make a difference to you?  Would you prefer a well-known brand that costs more? Are you comfortable with your body and know what feels the best?

Lelo set

At the high end of the market are the Lelo brand of sex toys. The Lelo Ina Pleasure Object retails for $170 on Adam and Eve. You may gasp at the thought of spending three figures on a sex toy, but let’s have a look at the qualities of this five-star rated vibrator. This is a ‘rabbit’ style vibrator, with a simple design – ideal for those who roll their eyes at the bunny-ear styled stimulators and exaggerated cock design. Rather than using batteries, this Lelo is rechargeable, which is a must-have for frequent use. You also get a yearlong manufacturer’s warranty, since Lelo stands behind the quality of their products. The reviews from users are all positive, with the number of sales of this higher end vibrator also playing testament to its highly regarded quality.

If you are going to be making this type of investment into a vibe, be sure that this is the style that you want. This isn’t a ‘trial’ vibe that you’d toss aside if it doesn’t please you in the right ways. It’s a big-girl’s vibrator, not a bachelorette party favour.

The opposite end of the spectrum is the Mini Rabbit Vibro Wand. It’s a great starter vibe for those who are just exploring the rabbit style. Are you a bit unsure if you’d prefer the dual stimulation? Start off with a rabbit vibrator like this one. It does have the typical bunny ears and cock shaped phallus, and is powered by changeable batteries. Retailing for just under $25, it’s not nearly as large of a shock to the wallet as the Lelo, but with the drop in price comes a drop in overall drop in quality as well. This item is rated at 3 stars on the Adam and Eve site, with a mixed group of comments from users.

The amount of money to spend on sex toys largely depends on what your expectations are. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ applies to vibrators just as much as any other purchase, so it’s important to evaluate your needs before making a decision on which end of the market to go for.