Are Tongue Vibrators Only For Lazy Oral Lovers?

You might have spotted them while clicking through the oral sex toys on Adam and Eve – tongue vibrators. These small vibes that get strapped onto your tongue to help you perform oral on your lover. Are these toys really needed? Can’t you just get the same job done with your tongue alone? What’s the advantage to tongue vibes? We’ve got the low down on these oral sex pleasure products for you!

For those who haven’t realized that these sex toys exist, tongue vibrators are small – very small. Most are a few inches long at the most, and use watch style batteries to power them. Because of the small size and low cost, some are considered disposable. Toys like the Lick It! Tongue Vibrator will only last an hour or so, while others will get you through more than one sex session. Most have a strap on the underside that you slip your tongue into, keeping the toy in place. The majority are made from silicone, so they are as body safe as sex toys get!

Tongue vibrators are designed to add another layer of sensation to your oral sex experience. Whether your oral skills are perfect, or you need some help in this department, these sex toys will give you a step up. For the lovers with perfect oral skills, the direct vibrations on the pubic area helps increase blood flow for stronger orgasms. If you’re a guy or gal who needs to up their oral abilities, tongue vibes can help you pinpoint specific areas on your lover that react better to sensation than others, without having to worry about keeping up your own lapping action.lick-it-tongue-vibeThey’re also ideal for those who have medical concerns with their mouths. Some lovers have extremely sensitive gag reflexes, where any instances of sticking out their tongue will create a reaction. Those with jaw problems can also benefit from the vibrations provided by tongue toys, as the lapping action that usually happens during oral sex is minimized. Or, if it takes a while for your lover to climax from oral stimulation, it can help stave off fatigue from the one delivering the pleasure.

Sure, tongue vibrators could be seen as the lazy lover’s way to delivering oral orgasms to their lover. Or, they could be viewed as a way to provide pleasure on a level that you have not been able to deliver before!