Avoiding The Morning After Regret

There are times when a lot of inhibitions that you usually have in the work place go out the window. Maybe you drank a bit too much, or maybe you just got into the spirit of the evening and didn’t make the best decisions. You wake up the next morning next to someone you’d rather not be with, and a night full of memories you are embarrassed about. How do you get over that morning-after regret successfully?

If you don’t plan on expanding on your relationship with your bedmate past this single encounter, make sure that’s understood the next morning. There’s nothing worse than the ‘what ifs’ and ‘does he think I want more’ questions that can crop up. Some folks find that coming right out and saying what they want helps, while others wait until the one night stand starts making assumptions and sending signals before putting a stop to things.

Casual sex isn’t always something to regret the next morning, but it does sometimes have its pitfalls. If you  ended up spending the night with someone you work with, chances are other co-workers know about it as well. That walk of shame that takes place on the Saturday morning may just last all the way until Monday afternoon. To nip the gossip mill in the bud at work, the best offence is a good defense. There’s a reason celebs reply with “no comment” when hounded by paparazzi after embarrassing moments. In most case, adding details will only stoke the rumor fires.

Whatever you do, the most important thing is to not let that regret linger. Yes, you may have done something that your ‘sober you’ does not approve of, but it’s a live and learn situation. If it’s alcohol that got you into trouble, cut down on the drinks for your next gathering. If it was getting caught up in the moment, remind yourself throughout the night what your personal boundaries are, and stick with them! At the end of the day, the night has come and gone, and now is time to move forward.

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