Back To School Series – Big Man On Campus

For our final post in our Back to School Series, we’re looking to help the guys get to the head of the class and become the ‘big’ man on campus! Penis enlargement is quite the buzz word these days with pills, pumps, devices and surgeries plastered all over the internet. While we can’t guarantee that any solution will work, we’re here to point out a few options available that will also not break the bank!

Cock Rings – Penis rings are the least invasive and least expensive way to enhance your penis size. The basic process behind cock rings is that the blood flow from your penis back to your body is restricted, so your erection could stay harder for longer. The additional blood may also create a longer or thicker penis, but only as long as you’ve got the ring on. Your basic set of cock rings, like the Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring, will cost you less than ten dollars.

Penis Pumps – Moving into more pro-active ways to enhance your member, penis pumps use the same process as mentioned in the cock sleeves (as in the increased blood flow enhancing your size), but use outside stimulation to help it along. Rather than relying on your own body to push the blood along, penis pumps create vacuums that pull the blood into the penis. This is better for men with difficulty achieving an erection to start with, and when used in conjunction with a penis ring, can help get the hard on they used to have without pills or injections. Depending on how complex of a penis pump system you’re looking for, you can spend anywhere from around $20 with the A&E Beginner’s Power Pump to more than $75 with the Vibrating Sure-Grip Shower Pump.

Penis Sleeves – There are many ways to enhance your penis without actually changing the cock itself. One of the more popular ways to add thickness or texture to your member is by using penis sleeves. These sheaths are placed onto the penis to add any number of qualities – thickness, length, hardness, or even some additional texture. Sleeves don’t make any physiological changes to the penis which may be better for men with certain medical conditions. Unfortunately, some can reduce sensation as the penis itself is covered. For guys looking for the most sensation from their penis sleeves, we recommend flexible ones like the Real Feel Penis Enhancer.big man on campus

Hollow Strapons – For guys who want to completely transform their penis, one of the easiest ways is to use hollow strapons. These are designed like your standard dildo and strap on harness setup with one minor configuration – the dildo is hollow, so that you can fit your penis inside. This provides the rigidity needed for penetrative sex without the need for pills, injections or surgery. Wearable strap ons like the Hollow Strap-On For Him Or Her is not only perfect for guys who aren’t able to achieve full erections, they’re great for lovers who are just looking for a change!