Back To School Series – Hitting The Nets With Fishnet Lingerie

 When you hear the phrase “hit the nets”, you may be reminded of those gym classes where less than enthusiastic teens were encouraged to play sports like basketball, soccer or tennis. We’ve found a much more enjoyable way to enjoy those nets – in the form of barely there lingerie! Here are our top four picks of the latest fishnet lingerie to hit the Adam and Eve virtual shelves.

Strappy Fishnet Body Stocking – We love fishnet stockings with a bit of creativity built in. The Strappy Fishnet Body Stocking isn’t your standard “one pattern all over” piece of lingerie. While the legs, back side and torso have a large link fishnet style pattern, what is covering the breasts is what sets this piece apart. The weave opens up into a stretched diamond pattern that just covers the nipples. This is great for couples who prefer a slight bit of modesty over the standard open patterned fishnet lingerie, but still love a bit of sexy skin! Want something with that same sexy pattern but leaves the legs bare? Check out the Diamond Burst Chemise.Hitting The Nets With Fishnet LingerieDramatic Two Tone Chemise – Want to keep your lover half bare, but still want to enjoy the peek-a-boo nature of fishnet? You may want to check out the Dramatic Two Tone Chemise. Not only does this fishnet lingerie have that open weave that we come to love from fishnets, the super short skirt leaves your legs wide open. The change in colors and weave patterns make an interesting contrast to the eye – if you can manage to move your concentration from what’s underneath!

Bold & Sassy Bodystocking – If you prefer your fishnet lingerie with a very wide open weave, the Bold & Sassy Bodystocking has got you covered! (Or rather…less than covered.) This fishnet body suit starts at the ankle, works all the way up the legs, torso and chest, and covers your shoulders and arms with one of the widest fishnet weaves available. The perfect circles formed by this hot lingerie piece will certainly draw the attention you’re looking for. We think this stocking would not only look great on its own, but with a bra and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts!

Deliciously Sweet Suspender Bodystocking Set – Looking for a bit of color variety in your fishnet body suits? The Deliciously Sweet Suspender Bodystocking set gives you three different colors of fishnet lingerie for one low price. This crotchless and hipless body stocking set comes in cherry red, lime green and cotton candy pink. The great thing about fishnet suits like these is that there’s always a little bit of give, so no matter where you may hold a few extra pounds, fishnet body stockings can compensate!

Lace Panty With Fishnet Thigh Highs – We can’t talk about fishnets without going over the piece of lingerie that started it all – the stockings! The Lace Panty With Fishnet Thigh Highs set comes with everything you need – a butt-clinging hipster lace panty, attached stretchy garters, and a pair of black fishnet thigh high stockings with a closed toe. These stockings have the classic close woven netting that we see in a lot of stockings, but at a very affordable price!