Back To School Series – Intro to Art Classs Body Pain Lesson

In our second to the last Back to School series here at the Adam and Eve blog, so we thought we would take a break from studying to have a bit of fun in art class! With all the focus on pain and bondage in popular sexual culture at the moment, sometimes it’s fun to just unwind and have some silly fun! Body paints allow you to do this, but still have the sexual edge you’re looking for.

But first, you’ll need a few items for class. If you’re looking to take an easy shortcut, body paint kits like the Adult Paint Box come with a variety of paints that will start you off in the right direction. (Sometimes you’ll get lucky and these paints – like in the case of the Adult Paint Box – are edible!) If you can’t get your hands on adult paint kits, washable tempera paints will also work. You’ll need to get a set of brushes. We suggest getting a few in various sizes and styles, such as thinner detailing brushes, fatter coverage brushes, and maybe a sponge brush or two. You may also want an old sheet or a set of towels that you don’t mind getting messy, to lay down on your ‘play area’ beforehand.  If your lover has sensitive skin, you may want to do a patch test on the inside of their elbow 24 hours before your art paint boxNext you’ll want to prep the area – both your play space and yourselves! Most couples love to explore adult body paints in the nude, but if you are wearing any sort of clothing, be sure it’s something you don’t mind staining. While most body paints are washable, the “washability” is typically determined by the material as well! Cover your space with those old sheets or towels if you’re somewhere that you want to minimize accidental splatter. Take your brushes out of their cases and set them to one side, along with your opened bottles or jars of body paint.

Before dipping into the paint, use the dry brushes to explore your lover’s body. Trace the tips of the brush over their skin to heighten their sense of arousal. Be playful and give them a tickle or two! Once the paint-foreplay is done, it’s time to dip into the paints. Be creative! While the brushes are there for you to use, don’t forget about your ‘natural’ brushes such as your fingers. We would suggest keeping the paint away from the eyes, unless you have particularly thick pain that you know will not drip. Also keep the paint out of the insides of a woman’s vagina – most paints are not designed for internal use!

Cleanup for this lesson is almost as fun as the activity itself. If there’s ever an excuse for a two person shower, this is one of them!