Back To School Series – Picking The Perfect Schoolgirl Uniform

The back to school sales have hit, and for many that means going out and picking up the perfect uniform for the student in their lives. But what if you really like the look of a short plaid skirt and button up top for your own bedroom? We’ve got the scoop on this very over-18 versions of this classic role play costume and how to find the best one that fits you the best!

Coverage: For a lot of lovers of schoolgirl uniforms, less isn’t necessarily more. Authenticity is key, and a barely there piece of plaid lingerie isn’t going to cut it. But, your standard department store isn’t going to have too many adult sized schoolgirl uniforms. Skirts like those found in the Naughty Coed Uniform have just enough coverage to keep the imagination going, without looking too drab and boring. If you’re looking for something a bit more revealing, there are options out there as well. Quite a few schoolgirl uniform costumes come with skirts that barely cover the backside, cleaving the bottoms of your cheeks exposed. Others rely on a plaid colored pair of panties and bypass the skirt altogether, like the Sassy School Girl (18+) Costume.

Size: While most adult role play costumes come in the standard “one size fits most” category, this can often leave out ladies who fit into the larger end of the size scale. Luckily, online retailers like Adam and Eve have caught onto this fact, and offer costumes in larger sizes. The Naughty School Girl (18+) Uniform can fit up to a size 22 and even comes with an adjustable top to fit around various sizes of breasts with minimal school uniformPrice Range: You may think it’s cheaper go to out to your local department store and pick up a lady’s size plaid skirt, a button up shirt and any other accessories you need to complete your schoolgirl look. Or maybe you’re checking through online Halloween shops to see what they have in for their pre-holiday rush and figure you can get a good deal there. This may not necessarily be the case, so be sure you shop around. Some costumes only come with singular pieces, even though the model in the ad is wearing items like thigh high stockings, glasses and a push up bra. Always read the description of the costume you’re looking at to be sure you are getting value for your money. You can pick up multi-piece school girl costumes like the Teacher’s Ass-Istant for less than $40!