Back To School Series – Sex Swing Set Safety

We’re getting down to the end of our Back to School Series so today we’re going to be sure that you are all safe and sound on of the most exciting pieces of “school yard” equipment – the sex swing! When you’ve been good little students and teacher allows you to have a break, we wouldn’t want you to go and get hurt! Sex swings come in all sorts of sizes and setups, so let’s go over a few to be sure you will be safe on the ‘playground’!

There are generally two types of sex swings that you’ll find, with those that attach to doors being the less expensive of the two. Rather than having to install hardware into your ceiling, or set up a freestanding framework, door sex swings are set up on attached doors. This brings us to our first safety tip – if you are going to be using this style of swing, be sure that your door can close all the way, with not much of a gab between the top of the door and the door frame. Most door based sex swings, like the Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing, use thick straps attached to larger objects to hold the swing up. In the case of this particular swing, the strap wraps around a small pipe that is placed on the opposite side of the door. The strap is placed over the top and down the side of the door facing you. When the door is closed, the pipe prevents the straps from sliding down. Locking the door will also prevent it from accidentally opening mid-session, so we don’t suggest trying this on a door without a lock.

The other type of sex swing commonly used in the home is the style that you need a bit of hardware for. Freestanding sex swings typically bolt into ceiling beams that are already in your home. This style doesn’t work for your typical dorm room with its drop-ceilings. You’ll need to know where the load bearing beams are in your room to set one of these toys up. Most, like the Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing, come with all the hardware you’ll need (minus and drills or hammers needed to install it). Be sure to wear any safety equipment when installing to be sure you’re ready to go when it’s up! The up side to this DIY project is that you get the type of sex swing usually reserved for clubs and porn movies!Back To School Series - Sex Swing Set Safety

For either sex swing setup, there are a few checks to make to be sure that everything is set up correctly and ready to go. Check the weight limits to make sure that either you, your lover, or both can be safely held by the swing. Most swings have a weight limit in the 300lb range. Give it a good pull before you put your full weight into it. Unwind any twisted straps before starting to insert body parts. Once you are in, be sure to adjust yourself so that you have control over your body’s position. Don’t spend too long in any inverted positions, especially if you have any circulatory problems. Most off all – if at any point you start to feel pain, it’s time to move!