Bathtub Masturbation Just Got Better!

We’re willing to bet that at least a few of you ladies – and maybe a few guys as well – have enjoyed the pleasures of a shower head in your life. Maybe even a couple have ventured into the delights of hot tub jets and tub spouts as well. For those who love the continual pressure that water can sexually provide, there’s a new sex toy that you should be checking out. The Bubble Love Water Jet Massager takes the fun you’ve had with water to a level you’ve not quite had before!

Rather than relying on positioning either an oversized shower head in the right spot, or trying to get your body lined up to the nearby water jet, the Bubble Love Water Jet Massager is a fully submersible sex toy that will always find the right spot. Using the water that’s already in your tub or pool, the Bubble Love Water Jet Massager creates an intense and focused stream that can be directed right at your clitoris for powerful stimulation. There’s also the option to add air bubbles into the mix to bring the power down a level for a slower and more sensual buildup.

The Bubble Love Water Jet Massager has a lot of the options that sex toy users have been preferring for years now. The unit has a suction cup base, which will allow you to have hands free play. The Bubble Love Water Jet Massager is rechargeable – a single charge will get you through an hour of play. The power controls are in a very easy to access spot, but not so much that you’ll accidentally turn it off mid-play.Bathtub Masturbation Just Got BetterIn addition to the Bubble Love Water Jet Massager, there’s also a separately sold dildo attachment, aptly named the ‘Dilly’. This is perfect for those who enjoy both internal and external stimulation simultaneously. The Dilly securely fastens to the unit, so you can go as slow and easy or as fast and rough as you’d like! The Bubble Love Dilly Dildo has five inches of insertable length and is one and a half inches wide. The dildo itself is made with slick silicone, making insertion that much easier. If you do need a lubricant to use with the Bubble Love Dilly Dildo, we suggest a thicker water based lubricant. While the water based lube will dissipate quicker in water, the silicone of the dildo will stay intact.

Tell us, Adam and Eve blog readers – where will you use your Bubble Love Water Jet Massager? Be sure to leave a comment in the section below or join us on our Facebook page for more chat about this water based sex toy!