Beat The Cold With These Sexy Warming Tips

For the majority of the country, the last few weeks have been a winter wonderland! The snowfall may be beautiful, but cabin fever could be setting in for those cooped up with their lovers. We’ve got a great way to not only spice things up during this season of snow, it’ll also help keep those temperatures up –  at least in the bedroom. Here’s three quick ways to beat the cold with a few sexy accessories.

Silicone, Glass and Metal Sex Toys – Trying to escape those cold nights? Heating up your sex toys is one way to get things nice and hot. The easiest method is to place your toy in a bowl of hot water. (We’re not talking boiling here – hot enough for you to be able to place your hand in and not hurt yourself.) Keep your sex toy submerged for five minutes, then pull it out to check. We suggest testing it by pressing it against a sensitive part of your body like your inner elbow before moving onto even more sensitive parts of your body. Not warm enough? Stick it back in the water for another five minutes. Too warm? Leave it out in the open air and check back every few minutes. Keep in mind that metal sex toys will hold heat the longest, with glass and silicone not as long.

Warming Rods – One of the latest trends in men’s sex toys are the use of warming rods. In the search to make toys even more realistic, sex doll and hand held masturbator manufacturers are now adding probes to their sex toys that warm when plugged in. Inserting these probes into the toy before using it will heat the toy up to body temperature, providing a much more realistic experience. The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is just the latest in a line of warming rods for your hand held sex toys.Warming Sexual Lubricant – The most commonly known way to heat things up in the bedroom (other than the obvious) is to use warming sex lubes. Great for both men and women, the ingredients in warming sexual lubricants makes your skin feel like it’s being heated up. The majority of warming lubes use natural extracts like cinnamon to give that ‘hot’ feeling. The fact that they’re water based means that you can use it alongside condoms and sex toys without any worry.