Becoming a Sexual Adventurer

There’s an old theory that men and women are from different planets. You’ve probably heard it before, “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars.”  It’s figurative of course to explain some of the differences between sexes, but underneath it all we share the same heart with the same desires, and our anatomy fits pretty nicely together. I’ve been with many women across the world and in that sense I call myself an international sexual adventurer. I don’t live to climb Mount Fuji or Everest, but I live to climb the mountain of a woman’s thighs and a woman’s behind.

sexual adventurer

I’ve also been in many interracial relationships. People often ask me what the differences are between dating different women of different races and ethnicities.  I always answer that each on is beautiful and each one offers something entirely unique.  African American women offer an unsurpassed passion in lovemaking that is explosive and exhilarating. Asian women are kind, delicate and live to please.  French women love to talk dirty in bed and Canadian women love to be on top.

One of the biggest things to remember when you’re dating women of different colors, classes, and creeds is to heed to their expectations and adapt. Be like the great chameleon who to survive in the wild must change the color of its own skin to belong.  All across the world there is great love to be had with a multitude of women.  Women too can learn from this same lesson.

The only way to become a sexual adventurer is to dive in to the local sexual customs and culture. In all my experience, I’ve never thought of interracial relationships as being interracial relationships until someone calls me out on it.  I always think of it as sharing the love; love unconditionally. Because making love is making love and the world, if you let it, can a beautiful pleasure dome.

Watch for more sex tips and advise from yours truly, Maximilian



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