Beginner Kits for Under $50 – Anal Sex Toys

Our next step in giving you ideas for beginner sex toy kits for under $50 enters the taboo world of anal sex. While a lot of women know what to expect when it comes to their first time having vaginal sex, anal sex seems to be an area covered in shadows. Anal training best when taken slow, and using the right tools, you’ll enjoy the ride. But times are tough, and we know a lot of you are on budgets. So here is our suggested anal training kit for under $50.

Desensitizing lubricant – price range $7 to $13

Lube is the key to a successful anal training! Desensitizing lubricants have additional ingredients that help numb the skin around  the anus. This has both a physical and psychological effect, as the less pain you are experiencing the less tense you will make your body. This relaxes the anal opening, allowing easier penetration. Many anal training lubes come in tubes, but others, like the Moist Anal Lube, come in a spray form. This is one of the few cases where silicone lubricant may be a better option than a water based one, as long as the toys you use are not made from silicone, and you aren’t using a condom. Silicone lubes tend to last longer for repeated penetrations, and are thicker.Slim sided anal plug – price range $10 to $13

The very first toy you should start with for anal training are narrow, straight sided butt plugs with a flared base, like the Glow Slim Butt Plug. The narrow tip to these toys is easier to insert than a standard sized dildo, and the straight sides help keep a continual pressure on the anus when penetrating. The flared based makes it easy to control the plug, whether you’re doing the training solo, or your lover is helping you along. You can buy sets of anal plugs like this in gradually increasing sizes, if you want to go as slow and steady as possible.

Flare sided anal plus – price range $10 to $18

Once you are ready to move on from straight sided anal plugs, the next step is to move onto the more traditional flared sided plugs. These can sit inside the body easier, as the anus ‘holds’ onto the base of the toy while the larger bulb remains inside the body. Like the slim sided plugs, it’s better to start small – like with the Corked Butt Plug – and work your way up. Again, flared bases are preferable to those without a base, as it’s easier to control and remove when desired.

Connected anal beads – price range $10 to $25

Some beginners in the anal sex world prefer to start with anal beads rather than a dildo. They are smaller, and give a sense of ‘relief’ once one has been inserted before moving onto the next. Beginners may prefer to use single molded units of beads like the Sassy Anal Beads, as they are easier to remove. They then move onto the “stringed” style once they are happy with their anal training progress.