Beginner Kits for Under $50 – Beginner Penis Pump Needs

Decided to pass by the chemical options for getting a longer, thicker, and harder penis? One of the options that men looking for penis enhancement take is penis pumps. But did you know that in most cases, you’ll need more than just the pump to get the desired effect? Costs for penis pumps and the additional accessories can add up quickly, so here’s our guide to getting set up with your first penis pump kit for under $50!

Bulb-style Penis Pump – price range $20 to $30

You don’t want to get a huge pump with all the ‘bells and whistles’ for your first few tries with a penis pump. You may find that pumps don’t give you the effect you’re looking for, so rather than waste a hundred dollars on a pump, stick with something basic. The hand powered bulb used in the most basic penis pumps is similar to what you see on blood pressure cuffs. Rather than adding air to a cuff with each press of the bulb, you are removing air from the tube, creating a vacuum. A&E Beginner’s Power Pump is a very basic unit with just the features that a beginner needs.

penis pumpBasic cock rings – price range $3 to $15

So now that you have an erection you’re happy with, how do you keep it? You need to find a way to keep all the blood that you just pumped into your penis from flowing back out to your body too quickly. Cock rings will do this! The most basic cock rings are simple plastic circles that you slide down your shaft to the base of your member. The slight constriction it creates helps keep the blood where you want it to be! We suggest getting a set of various sizes, like the Ultra Cocksweller Cock Rings, so you are sure you get a snug fit.

Replacement pump sleeves – price range $10 to $15

At the base of many styles of penis pump is a latex or other flexible plastic sleeve that ensures an air-tight seal around the penis. After repeated uses, this sleeve can stretch out and not fit around the shaft properly. Because they’re thin as well, they can sometimes rip. Rather than spending $20 on a new pump, you can get new sleeves like the Replacement Pump Sleeves at Adam and Eve that will help your pump last a bit longer before you move on to more expensive models.

Water based lubricant – $5 to $12

Lubing up the penis before starting your pumping action will not only make it easier to get the pump on to begin with, it’ll also make sliding the cock ring down quicker. You’ve also got a pre-lubed penis when it comes time for intercourse as well! As most pump sleeves are latex based, you need to stay away from oil and silicone based lubes – so stay away from baby oil and petroleum jelly. Silicone lubricants will also break down the latex. A thick water based lube like Astroglide will work perfectly.