Beginner Kits for Under $50 – Beginner S&M Tools

 In our second to last post in our “Kits under $50” series, we’re stepping into a darker side of the sex toy world. BDSM has got a lot of publicity lately, and there are a lot of couples who are exploring the use of pain in their bedrooms as a sexual stimulus. This is one of those areas where you need to start slowly, and educate yourself as you progress through various levels of play. You also want to stay within a budget, as some couples may decide it’s not for them. Looking to pick up some S&M toys for the first time? Here’s our selection of beginner tools for pain play under $50.

Flat Paddle – price range $17 to $33

The ruler that the naughty schoolgirl gets across her back side or the back of a hairbrush that the misbehaving slave gets a smack from – these are all domestic versions of a classic paddle. Paddles are one of the best tools for beginner spankers to use as there’s 100% control over how soft (or hard) you wield the tool. Basic rule of thumb is the larger the paddle, the less sting is felt. Basic paddles like the Smackers Triple Kisser Paddle always have an easy to grip handle, and often have a loop at the end to wrap around your wrist.

Flogger – price range $17 to $30

You may look at a flogger and think it’s called a whip – the two terms are often interchanged. Floggers tend to have multiple strips of fabric (known as the ‘fall’) attached to a single handle. Some advanced floggers can cost you more than $200, but basic versions like the Tantric Satin Pleasure Whip will cost you less than $20. Don’t go full force with these at first – get to know your toy as each has their own qualities that make the line between pleasure and pain its own.

Nipple clamps – price range $3 to $30

This is one of those S&M toys that you can actually pick up from your local store. Many lovers use clothes pins as their first set of nipple clamps. If you are going down that route, we suggest getting the style with a wider ‘pinching’ area, and not the 100-to-a-pack wooden ones. For those who would rather have more control over the pain, adjustable clamps like the Feathered Nipple Clamps have screws that limit how close the two ends of the clamp can come together.

Riding crop – price range $13 to $50

Riding crops aren’t just for pony play – they are a foundation piece in almost every BDSM toy chest. Crops are rather standard in design and shape, with only the quality of materials separating the lower end price range from those that will cost you three figures. Low end crops like the Adam & Eve Apple Top Crop will do the job just as well as their more expensive partners, even if it doesn’t ‘look’ as fetish as the others.