Beginner Kits for Under $50 – Lesbian Sex Toys

In our third installment of creating your own beginner sex toy collection for under $50, today we’re going to touch on a special group of ladies who have their own corner of the sex toy world – lesbians! Even though strap-ons and all their accessories are used by heterosexual couples as well, the largest demographic for wearable dildos are certainly our Sapphic friends. Here are our picks for starting your sex toy collection for the lesbian couple!

Modular or Ring Based Harness – price range $25 to $35

If you’re looking at strapons for the first time, there are two routes you can go down. One is harnesses that have the dildo built in. These are fixed units that are not interchangeable. We suggest, though, for ladies who are just starting out – spend a bit more and get a modular system, as it will save you money in the long run. Peg-based systems like the Vac-U-Lock Deluxe Strap-On Harness open you up to a wide selection of attachments without having to buy a new harness each time. O-ring systems like the Fetish Fantasy Elite Beginner’s Harness don’t tie you down to a particular brand of sex toy, but you need to be sure that every attachment that you buy will fit into the harness.

Flared-Bottom Dildo – price range $15 to $20

If you’re going to get a dildo for a harness, unless you go with a Vac-U-Lock style dildo, you’re best off getting a dildo with a flared base. Straight dildos will not hold as secure in an o-ring style based. Some dildos have a set of “balls” that will hold the dildo in place, like the Z 5 5” Flexi Cock, while others have non-anatomical base like the 6 Inch All American Super Flexible Dong. Whichever you choose, you should always take note of the diameter of the toy to be sure that it will not only fit into the o-ring on your harness, but will remain in place when it is strapped in.

Or…a Harness and Dildo set – price range $27 to $40

If you’re looking for simplicity, and would like to spend a bit less up front, there is the option of a fixed dildo and harness set. The dildos in these sets are not interchangeable – while this limits the style of dildo and harness, it also removes the need to buy separate parts or be sure the accessories will fit. The Hollow Strapon For Him Or Her is an affordable starter dildo. If you prefer an interchangeable set, Vac-U-Lock does come in sets with the dildo and harness already included, but these typically cost more than $50.

Water Based Lube- price range $5 to $12

Once again, water based lube is showing up on our must-get list! While not all dildos are silicone based, there may be the chance going down the line that you’ll pick up a silicone dildo for your strapon harness. Since silicone lubricants will break down the materials in silicone dildos, you’re better stocking up on water based lubes. (It’s also easier to clean out of cloth based harnesses!)