Beginner Kits for Under $50 – Lingerie Basics

In our final installment of beginner kits under $50, we’re touching on something naughty  that’s not quite sex toys, but something just as delicious for the bedroom – female lingerie! Whether you’re building up your sexy underwear collection from scratch, or throwing out tired and worn out versions for some new playthings, getting the basics in your collection is a must! While lingerie tends to be more expensive than standard sex toys, you can still start off your set for under $50.

Babydoll – price range $25 and up

The babydoll style of lingerie can cover up a multitude of sins while still looking damn sexy. For ladies who are larger on top but smaller on the bottom, they’re great for those who can’t seem to find a one piece lingerie set that fits correctly in the right places. If you’d rather hide a less than flat stomach, babydolls can do just that. The problem is, this one-style-fits most garment can be expensive, so when you see a set like the Sweet Lullaby Babydoll, you’ve got to pick it up!

Bra & Panty Set – price range $13 and up

You can pick up a standard matching bra and panty set from almost any department store around, but there are times when something extra kinky is needed. Getting a few bits more for your money is always a plus. The 50 Secret Desires set not only comes with a cupless bra and thong for less than $13, you’ll also get an eye mask, a garter belt, and bondage rope. Moving away from your standard fare of panty sets, there are gorgeous sets like the 2-Piece Pearl Body Necklace that will cost you a bit more, but the look is something you can’t get at your local shopping mall!

Costume – price range $10 and up

A costume set doesn’t have to be a full blown French Maid outfit with all the bells, whistles and feather dusters. Some of the kinkiest lingerie is the most simple – the basic Grey Silk Tie worn around the neck with a pair of panties will certainly give a sexy look. The Teacher’s Pet Set is a small kit with pasties, hair bows, a g-string and a necktie, ideal for playing the naughty schoolgirl on a budget. Creating your own costumes at home is the most budget friendly, but how many of us have a Pirate Wench outfit hanging around?