Beginner Kits for Under $50 – Womens Sex Toys

Today begins a series of posts on beginner kits for under $50. In this series, we will explore the ‘basics’ that any beginner should have when looking to get into sex toys for the first time. Today, we start with the ladies!

Whether you’ve just turned 18 and never bought an adult toy in your life, or you’re an older woman who is ready to take her pleasure into her own hands, getting the basics for the first time can sometimes be confusing. With thousands of toys to choose from, what should you get? The team here at Adam and Eve suggest that these items make up your starter kit for the lady looking at sex toys for the first time.womens sex toys

Basic bullet vibrator – price range $10 to $20

The classic bullet vibe is a great place to start your sex toy collection. Unassuming in appearance, this small little sex toy is often easy to hide. Whether you get a single unit like the My Private O Vibrator, or a corded remote control vibrator like the Wonder Bullet, many can be used both externally on the clit or internally in the vagina. (Be sure to read your toy’s instructions first, to be sure it is designed for internal use, though!) Bullet vibrators will help you explore to see if you’re the type of woman who can get off from clitoral stimulation alone. They’re also great to use on the nipples for an added sensation during play. Since most of these beginner sex toys use either one or two batteries, you won’t need a collection to keep your toys going!

Water based sex lubricant – price range $5 to $12

The first time doing anything can be a bit nervous, causing you to ‘dry up’ down below. Water based lubricants can be used with any sex toy including those that are silicone based. If you are using condoms with your toys, the water based lubricant won’t break the materials down (unlike silicone lubes that will). Use plenty of lube when doing any sort of penetration for the first time, for a slow and steady experience. Pump-bottle lubes like the Adam and Eve Personal Lubricant are easier to control as far as amount goes, but smaller lube bottles are a bit more discreet.

Realistic dildo – $13 to $20

Here’s when we start looking at those who need penetration for their sexual release. Realistic dildos can be intimidating at first – oversized and often exaggerated penises for women who may have only seen a few in their lives (if any). Start with something that’s average shape and size. (This isn’t the time for the porn-star cast versions!) Dildos like the Beginner Ding Dong are the same size and girth as the average human penis, but in a rather friendly pink color. Flared bases on dildos may make control easier for some, while cylinder style dildos like the Classic Dong could be for others.

Non-realistic dildo – $20 to $35

There are times when a penis shaped sex toy won’t do the trick. Some ladies need their sex toys to have a greater curve in order to hit their g-spot. For some strange reason, though, these tend to be more expensive than realistic dildos! The Crystal Pleaser is a great starter dildo for those who are ready to explore their g-spots. If you’re willing to shell out more for your first g-spot dildo, look for those with a more pronounced curve like the Adam and Eve Glass G Dual Pleasure Wand. Glass sex toys like this are great for starters, as they tend to last a very long time and rarely need replacing.