Being a Devoted Lover

Just like you invest in a company, hoping that one day that company will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, you can also invest in a relationship. You can also use the analogy of a tiny tree: once you plant a tiny seed, perhaps that tree one day will feed you for the rest of your life. 

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In my opinion, life is short – all we have is ourselves and hopefully our significant others to stand by us till the end. But one of the most important things to nurture that relationship so that it will make you rich with happiness and feed you with love until the day you die.

One of my favorite things to do is to give her an entire weekend – maybe a week – where I am her devoted slave. I cook for her – breakfast, lunch and dinner and bring it to her wherever she is.  If she wants to go out to a nice restaurant then we do that, I won’t say no. If she wants a massage, in the bath, with bubble, then I oblige. This is a great way to show her you care. Be so devoted that you’ll do anything for her and she will repay you in a multitude of different ways.

Being a devoted lover not only builds trust, but it also builds a bond between a man and woman. It can set your sex life on fire and makes romance an adventure. Keeping a relationship exciting – especially a marriage – if one of the key elements to longevity. Showing her with all her heart that you will bend over backwards for her, promised her you would be there in sickness and in health  – and not just when you’re horny.

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