Best Places To Make Love In The Summertime

The summer is all about fun in the sun – flying kites, having picnics, sun tanning and making love. Yes, making love in the great outdoors – whether in a big public park or in the privacy of your own backyard – can be incredibly erotic. Having sex outdoors can spice up your marriage and make for an exciting first or second date ­ – or on any date for that matter. And the summer is perfect for that, because it is warm, and being naked outside feels so damn good. Have you ever had sex in the hot grass? If the answer is no, you haven’t lived yet. Here are some of the best places to make love in the summertime.

 Your own backyard. If you have a big back yard – preferably with a swimming pool – then you have the perfect place to make love outside. You can bareback it in the grass or you can lay down a blanket. If you want to make it especially romantic, and if it is warm enough, you can wait until the evening time, make love, and then look out for shooting stars when night finally falls.

 Public park. This is definitely the most dangerous, but also the most thrilling place to make love in the outdoors this summer. Many public parks are large enough where you can find some boulders to have sex behind and away from the crowds, or you can find a bridge and make love in the darkness of its underpass. That way no one will see you and you can get as naughty as you want.

 Camping. Another place to make love outdoors is in a tent while you are camping. There are many places where you can find some amazing campsites and some great trails – and a great place to pitch a tent – and not just the one you plan to sleep in. Bring some wine, candles and maybe a few vibrators and you will have everything you need to make sweet, sweet love. Best of all, there will be no one to hear your moans for miles and miles.Best Places To Make Love In The Summertime

 Drive-in movie theater. There aren’t many drive-in theaters left, but that is lucky for you, because when you do, there won’t be a lot of people attending. Back in the day the drive-in was where all the guys took their ladies for a romantic evening. Nowadays drive-in movie theaters can be a great place to make love outdoors. If you have a convertible it can be even more fun.

 The beach. One of the best places to make love outdoors this summer is definitely on the beach. You might get the old “sandy ass” problem, but that is definitely the last thing that will be on your mind when you are making love to your special someone on the beach as the sun goes down over the horizon.

At the end of the day, there are some great places and some terrible places to make love outdoors. But if you find the perfect spot it will no doubt be one of the wildest sexual experiences you will ever have. Once you do make love outdoors, making love with a roof over your head will never feel the same.